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The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors

"Buy-A-Brick" Fundraiser


The Neel Parent Advisory Services Inc./ The Neel Center is launching their online ‘Buy a Brick’ fundraiser campaign in order to raise the funds to ensure a permanent home for The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors. In the City of Heseperia Ca.


Even with the inconvenience of not having a real place to call home. The members continue to work on their amazing projects, using their passion for the Arts to bring attention to such issues as bullying, literacy, world hunger, homelessness and pollution.


We are excited to invite the general public to be a part of



THE STARWALK PROJECT is our way of showing our appreciation and to honor the celebrities, notable individuals, businesses from around the world.


That have participated in one or more of our projects, provided us with wonderful and insightful words of wisdom, and random acts of kindness over the years. Which has inspired young people since 1999.


We have two ways you can be apart of this project.


You can be an ANGEL in the “On the Wings of Angels” Garden Vignette or you can be apart of “Walking among the STARS”.


Your brick will be permanently displayed within the walkway that will go throughout the property. The walkway will be made up of celebrity bricks, six garden vignettes, and eighteen famous inspirational messages to be seen by all who attend and visit the center for years to come.


We sincerely hope you will join us in our endeavor of creating an oasis that will honor and celebrate the arts and diversity.



Each dollar we raise will go towards the personalized engraving bricks and installation of the walkway, landscaping and to ensure a permanent home for the Ambassadors in the High Desert.


This new facility will house our after-school Fine Art, Leadership and Tutorial Program, for young people with and without disabilities that are Aging out of Foster Care that reside in the High Desert of Southern California.

On the Wings of Angels

The 7ft.x7ft. Three tier hexagon Garden Vignette will be at the main entrance of the center. The Angel of Patience a sculpture by Design Toscano will be the centerpeice in this vignette. All "One the Wings of Angels" 8"x8" tiles will be permanently displayed will be within the vignette. (1) Limited Edition White TGVA T-Shirt per Tile.

At the base of the Angel will be a 9 x 12" inches plaque that reads; "The Wings of Angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people." - Eric Honeycutt

This Garden Vignette will also be adorned with the following colorful drought-tolerant plantings:

Lavender, Sweet Woodruff, Sweet Vanilla Butterfly Flower, Missouri Evening Primrose, Purple Love Grass, Golden Sedum and Apollo Dwarf Aster.

Everyone will receive a; (1) STARWALK Certificate of Appreciation suitable for framing and (1) Limited Edition White TGVA T-Shirt per Tile.

For those that wish to pay - $200.00 for (1) Gray Granite Tile.

Ten individuals will be randomly selected to receive invitation for two, too our guest at our Star Studded Ribbon Cutting Great-Opening Ceremony.

8"x 8" Engraved Granite Tiles

To participate in “On the Wings of Angels” all you have to do is


   Buy your brick on our website using PayPal.


   Your transaction and information is safe and kept private by PayPal.


   During the payment process you will have the opportunity to add a

   message in the box “Add special instructions to the seller”. Here is

   where  you fill in the name to be displayed on your Granite Tile.


   We will contact you within 72 hours, of your tile confirmation in The

    Earthly Angels Vignette.


   There are only 2,000 tile spaces available in the Earthly Angels Vignette

   to the general public in “The Wings of Angels Vignette” at the entrance

   of the Center.


 We are limited to 2,000 - Bricks Space available



Angel of Patience

by Design Toscano 31W x 15 D x 38”H inches

 with a 16"dia. X 18"H inches plinth



18"x 24" inches Plaque at base of the Angel of Patience




“Walking among the STARS”

Here is a unique opportunity to . . .


Your brick will be permanently displayed among personalized engraved bricks of celebrities, notable individuals from around the world. The walkway will go throughout the property, six garden vignettes, and sixteen famous inspirational messages.


The funds raised from 4x8 engraved bricks “Walking among the STARS” will go toward the installation of the walkway and six garden vignettes. Any remaining funds will help up date the furniture and state-of-the-art equipment.

You can Buy a 4"x 8", 8"x 8" or 16"x16" Corporate Brick Arrays made up of (4) 8"x 8" Bricks.

We are limited to 2,000 - 4"x 8" Bricks

We are limited to 2,000 - 8"x 8" Bricks

4"x 8" and 8"x 8" bricks


Corporate Brick Arrays

(1) Corporate Brick Arrays made up of (4) 8"x 8" Bricks or more. Corporation and Business will receive a STARWALK Certificate of Appreciation suitable for framing.


(2) 4 Limited Edition TGVA White T-Shirt

(3) 10 company name will be randomly selected drawing where 10 companies of receive 10 invitation for two, too our Star Studded Ribbon Cutting Great-Opening Ceremony. For one (Corporate Brick Arrays) BRICK(S) - $750.00.


We are limited to 500 Corporate Brick Arrays

Engrved Brick

   Buy your brick on our website using PayPal.


   Your transaction and information is safe and kept private by PayPal.


                 After payment process fill out the Order Form below on the website

             of message to be displayed on your brick and email it to .


               You can add a free company logo if you wish, you can find the          

    logos on our website, just add the logo at the of your message.   


   Every brick will receive a STARWALK Certificate suitable for framing

   and the location of your brick.


Brick Markers USA will be handling the bricks for this project. Brick Markers USA uses state of the art engraving laser technology. Our Brick Markers USA Contact is Ms. Kellie Wallace.
To learn more about Brick Markers USA click on the logo below.



This site is maintained by 

The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors

Working together to make a difference with the ARTS

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