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The Neel Parent Advisory Services Inc. And The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors

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The Program and Projects


(Copyright pending)

Updated for 2017

The programs’ objectives is to educate and motivate. To encourage diverse group of young peoples to recognize their artistic and leadership potential to impact their community and the world.  

The Group's overall goal and objectives;
To Provide a safe, drug-free, supervised after school, weekend and summer program with expanded hours.

To provide alternative learning opportunities, to help both youths and young adults with / without disabilities, homeless, aging out of foster care to improve their academic performance in school.

To provide innovative and challenging cultural enriching projects for youths and young adults. To foster understanding between diverse cultural groups.

Changing the way youths and young adults with special needs are viewed in the society.

Teaching teamwork.

Teaching the importance of having good work and study habits.

Decrease the incidence of criminal and violence activities by youths and young adult by helping them develop better decision making ability, conflict resolution and coping skills.

To provide self-esteem and characters building activities.

Reduce inappropriate risky behavior in school and at home. That would lead to family discord and placement outside the home. Along with risky behavior that may lead to injures or death.

Reduce the incidence of tobacco, drug and alcohol use, among children, adolescent and youth adults.

Address inactive and unhealthy lifestyles of children, adolescent and youth adults.

Re-establish our Resource Center to increase the accessibility of information to Parents and Caregivers and families members. To mobilize the community to get more involved in the safety, health and the general well-being of the all children, teens and young adults in the community.

Admission Criteria

Consideration will be given to all applications received, and applicants will be interviewed and accepted to the program on a case-by-case basis. Participants should have an interest in at least one of the following: Art, Dance, Filmmaking, Ornamental and Organic Gardening, Acting, Music, and Writing.


Each applicant will be regarded as a novice during the first 160 days. This is considered a honeymoon period for everyone. If a problem should arise during the 160 days that cannot be resolved, either party may immediately terminate involvement without any further commitment.


All participants must sign a Self-Commitment Contract in which they commit to participating in the program. Each individual must also set one short and one long-term goal for the year in hopes of improving or developing some new skills.


Certificate of Completion and Ambassadors attire will be given to those who complete the mandatory workshops. During their time in the program they can earn medals and pins to be placed on their Ambassadors jacket for their accomplishments in the following; School attendance, leadership, good homework/study habits, CPR/First Aid, communication skills, self-esteem, empathy, dining etiquette, social skills, humanitarian acts and their participation in workshops and cultures events.

A Parent, Family member, Caregiver or a family representative are required to volunteer Eight hours a month doing one of the following on behalf of participants; fundraising, making deliveries, promotion, clerical work, special event and field trip escorts.


Components - There are three distinct components;

i Adolescent after school activities for individuals 12 17 

ii Young Adult 18 – 23

iii Adult 24 – 35 ( For only individuals who are developmentally challenged ) 


Fees - Small month membership fee

Hours - 10:00am - 7:00pm

Days - Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat (Closed on Sunday and Monday) Vacations (spring and summer) 10:00am - 7:30pm


i Adolescent after school activities for individuals 12 18 

(Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat) 2:00pm - 7:00pm

ii Young Adult 19 – 23 (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat) 10:00am – 1:00am

New Facility 2016

Interior and exterior surveillance cameras * Alarm System * Fence property * Enforced rules and regulations * Insured

        Art Studio and a small Art Gallery

        Small Dance Studio

        Small Workout Room

        Entertainment and Gaming Room

Some participants will be picked-up from their school or at designated locations in the community too be transported to the center and back to their individual homes at the end of the program day.

2:8 ratio per class or workshop
Class or workshop size 16 maximum
Trained experience - Staff/Volunteers
Background / Criminal Screening -Staff/Volunteers
CPR and First Aid Certified - Staff/Volunteers

New Facility / Fall 2017

 Interior and Exterior Surveillance Cameras Intercom System  Alarm System Fence property Enforced rules and regulationsInsured and Solar Energy Systems


         Art Studio and a small Art Gallery

         Small Dance Studio

        Entertainment and Gaming Room

All participants will receive a nutritious snack, dinner and lunch daily during summer session.

Mandatory Workshops / Labs
After the completion of each workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Social Butterfly (Social Skills Workshop) Created By Sharon Kay Davis (Copyright pending)

This is a fun and informal workshop, teaching basic and formal table etiquette and social skills. The goal of this workshop Is to build confidence, self-esteem and a understanding of the importance of having good etiquette and social skills. 


I Am, Who I Am, And I'm Ok (Positive Self-Imaging Workshop) Created By Sharon Kay Davis (Copyright pending)

This workshop is designed for girls, to promote self-acceptance and positive self-imaging.  At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a makeover, along with fashion, hair and skin care enhancement tips from professionals.


Homework Labs

The homework lab is open everyday. Participants having trouble in the following subjects (Math, Reading, Science, Government and English) will have additional help from tutors on Tuesday and Thursday by local College Students and Retired Teachers. Participants will also have access to computers and Rosetta Stone language software to learn; Spanish, French, Chinese and German


Current Events

Once a month participants will sit down and openly talk about things they have seen on television, internet in newspapers and magazines. The group will randomly select eight articles from the following category; Government (Local, National and World), economics, technology, natural sciences, education, pop-culture to discuss.


THE V.I.N.T.A. PROJECT - VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER Created By Sharon Kay Davis (Copyright pending)

This project is about encouraging diverse groups of young people regardless of their race, gender, religion, disabilities and social status to work together on projects that will improve the atmosphere of their school and community. The V.I.N.T.A Project encourages participants to learn how to negotiate constructive resolutions of interpersonal conflicts. "BULLY NO MORE" Anti Bully Campaign Our goal is sharing ideas for raising awareness and insert subtle daily reminder to help inspire BULLY FREE environment.

Fine Arts Classes

Leonardo Project(Art)
Participants will work on a variety of Arts and Crafts from simple paper projects to furniture refining. Guest artists will be invited three times a year, to do demonstrations a variety of art techniques. Participants will exhibit their works done during the year, at our annual Art Show.

The GVA Filmmakers   (Filmmaking and video production)

Participants will learn the basic elements of moviemaking with the supervision by skilled volunteers. Participants will work behind the scenes as story boarders, artists, scriptwriters, prop and set designers, camera operators and directors. Gaining the skills in all phases of production from concept to post-production. Skilled volunteers will help with editing, adding music, sound effects and other finishing touches to create a final professional product.


Future upcoming Projects


New Chavonie's and Friends  Created By Sharon Kay Davis (Copyright  pending)

The group will travel around Southern California in a tricked-out mini bus that is wheelchair-accessible. The group will check out local attractions and landmarks, they will also be interviewing celebrities and talented disabled and non-disable Southern Californians and around the world who are doing amazing things.


Little Girls Blue (Short Film) 40 minutes Created By Sharon Kay Davis (Copyright pending)

New The Divine Grace Dance Ensemble - Dance Class 

This is a beginners Ballet and Modern Dance Class, a combo class using appropriate terminology and technique to develop basic skills with emphasizes on correct posture and alignment. Later, the group will focus on movements of arms, legs and footwork. In this class, participants will be introduced to Baroque Dance. Baroque dance is the precursor of classical ballet, established and developed in France at the court of Louis XIV at Versailles during what we now call the baroque period.


Each participant will create their costumes with the help of adult volunteers. The group will perform two public performances, at the end of the year. Dancing to non-traditional music and music composed by pianist Joel A. Martin, a fusion jazz and classical Baroque Music.

The JT Project - (Beginning Acoustic Guitar)

This is a beginner class; participants will receive on-going instruction that will meet twice a week. Beginners will learn the basics guitar method and theory with emphasis on developing good hand and finger techniques. Also learning how to read music and guitar care. The instrument that the student used during the year will become theirs to keep at the end of the program year so they can continue playing the Acoustic Guitar.


During the year we will invite three professional musicians to talk to the group about be a professional musician, composing music and songs writing. 

What's Cooking?  (Culinary Class)

Participants of this workshop will receive instruction on hygiene, kitchen safety and proper basic knife techniques.  Instruction will be given in proper food preparation of cold and hot entrees, salad, sauces, soups, boiling, baking griddling, dressings, garnishes and presentations.

Bi-Monthly and Monthly Clubs

Mouthing Off (Poetry and Story Teller Club) This is a club that gives young poets and story tellers, a place to socialize, to share their works and work on their oral presentation. The group will do a Poetry and Story Teller Slam once a year.

Book Club (Hardbackers and Page Girlz)
On the first Saturday of every month participants will be treated to lunch, which gives them an opportunity to socialize with their fellow Book Club Members. After lunch, members will receive the book of the month and a collectible bookmaker. The members will be given a little background on the author.

The following month on the first Saturday Book Club members will have a discussion about the book as a group. The participants will write the author a short note of what they liked or disliked about the book. The members of the Book Clubs will also host one book signing a year.

J. B. Vagabond (Geography Club) Created By Sharon Kay Davis (Copyright pending)

This is a fun way to learn geography. Postcards from vacationing families become game pieces and the key to aiding the teams in locating and recovering some very rare artifacts around the world.

New  Getting and Staying Fit  A, nutritionist will conduct workshops on; making healthy tasty meals and after school snacks. How to read and understand food labels.


Every sixty days a nutritionist and fitness trainer will meet with participants, to making the necessary modification to their workout, daily meal plans and answer any questions they may have.

Birthday Party Club

On the last Saturday of every month, all participants born that month will be given a Birthday Party. Each birthday person will get a small individual cake and receive a Birthday Gift Bag. (Guest will share a sheet cake).

Special Projects and Workshops

The Wall Inspiration
The Wall started out as a simple writing project in 2000. The goal of this project was to encourage positive communication and respect. To inspire young people on the significance of staying in school, getting their education and going for their dreams and striving to reach their full potential. The Wall, has grown into the largest collection of autographed photos, messages, note and letters from celebrities and notables individuals from around the world.

Mother Nature Victory Garden Project (Organic Garden)

This class is intended for beginning gardeners, teaching participants horticulture skills, which will aid them in growing and maintaining a organic vegetable, fruit and herb garden. We will have two 16'W x 20'L Solexx Conservatory Greenhouses, which, will allow us to garden year round, for center participants and their families to consume. Twice a month the public can acquire a bag of assorted herb, vegetables and fruits for a small fee. We will also offer nutritional cooking demonstration using the vegetables right from the garden.


Additional Gardening Workshops

Creating raised bed, container and vertical gardening. Vertical gardening is a great creative solution to adding space to garden in small areas. Some plants actually prefer vertical gardening, in the case of vine plants like cucumbers and squashes. Vertical Gardening can be easily accessed by all individuals. The uses of tripods, arbors, trellises and hanging baskets connected to a simple pulley system, making gardening fun for everyone.


Organic Vegetable

Beans-string, Bell Peppers-Sweet, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Eggplants, Garlic, Greens-Mustard, Yams, Lettuce-Romaine, Green Onions, Yellow Onion, Red Onions, Peppers-Cayenne, Peppers-Jalapeno, Potato, Radishes, Spinach, Squash-Scallops, Tomatillo, Tomato-Bradley, Tomato-German Green, Zucchini



Cantaloupes-Honey Rock, Melon-Honey Dew, Watermelons-Klondike, Strawberry


Fruit  Trees

Red Delicious Apple, Lisbon Lemon, Satsuma Orange, Nippon Orangequat, Texas Star Banana, Hass avocado



Basil, Thai Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Oregano, Tarragon, Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Sweet Marjoram, Wheat Grass


Ornamental Gardening

Some participants will help create and maintain a seven miniature garden vignettes throughout the center with STARWALK engraved brick pavers, embellishing the walkway that will go throughout the garden vignettes center.

Starwalk is our way of showing our appreciation to the Celebrities, Businesses and Individuals, who have participated in a project that inspires, young people to stay in school, say no to drugs, gangs and going for their dreams. STARWALK will be the world largest collection of engraved Brick Pavers of celebrity and notables individuals from around the world.(The engraved Brick Pavers, will be place in the walkway around the property.)

The I-Corner Store and Regal Banking Project (Money Management)

This project will teach participants to learn to money management and investment. Participants will have a number of ways to earn Neel Currency to buy items from the Incentive Corner Store.

Once a month participants will take around a Performance Card to be signed off. Points are given to participants for the following; school attendance, following directions, homework, helping out in the community, etiquette, doing chores without being told, and their overall behavior at school and home. 


The points are added up and participants will be given special coded currency in exchange for their points. The currency can be used to purchase items once a month. They may also bank some or all of their currency to buy special items. The Corner Store will have a variety of items for sell such as, school supplies, clothing, movie passes, amusement park tickets, sporting event tickets, DVD and CD‘s.


Humanitarian Projects and Community Outreach
Project Goodwill
The goal of Project Goodwill is provide Ambassadors to adopt projects of compassion to help others in the community and around the world.

The Angel In My Pocket Project
Is a project that promotes hope and love around the world. The Ambassadors sent out, Angel Medallions that have been blessed, every other month to individuals around the world. These medallions are given to individuals from all walks of life, as well as soldiers servicing overseas and recovering at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC. to carry in their pocket to remind them that someone cares. As of March 2008 the kids will have sent out 2050 angel cards and guardian angel medallions.

Painting From The Heart
The Ambassadors will help children around the world by exhibiting and auctioning off artwork done by children and celebrity. Twenty-five percent of the proceed will be used to buy food, school and basic living supplies for the children in need around the world.

The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors Challenge

We invite students, schools or community-based organizations to be a part of The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors Challenge. By creating a photo slideshow or video presentation no more than five minutes long, of what you are doing to promote goodwill in your school, community or around the world. 


PINK PUMPKINS FOR CANCER The Ambassadors paint plastic pumpkins PINK and bedazzle them in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On Halloween Night we will be passing out two awareness brochure on Breast Cancer Awareness and another brochure “Men get Breast Cancer too”. 


KIDSTOCK Young Leadership Rally and Concert
The goal of the one day event is designed for those that are interested in becoming better community youth leaders. During the day participants will hear from motivational speakers. It is also an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the young people from Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County(Desert Region)  who have illustrated a deep commitment to their communities and the world. Through their volunteerism and civic involvement. These are young people that have clearly demonstrated that they are ready to meet the challenges of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

New THE DEN is where members can obtain information in the form of books, magazines, DVD, audio and videotapes on a variety subject.  


The Den will also provide a relaxing and supportive social environment with an outdoor patio. We will also host small educational caregiver workshops and lectures during the year. 


Special Events


Annual Black Tie Mystery Dinner Guest Gala

Field Trips - Three field trips a year.


To ensure our financially stability, there will be a small monthly service fee. We will also carry out a series of fund-raising activities to help subsidize fees which, in turn, will enable us to provide the best service possible to our members.


This will be accomplished by the gross profit from:

Small monthly service fee, the sell of event tickets, food, vendors fee, art show auctions, by the sell of apparel and merchandise.

On behalf the San Bernardino Massacre on December 2nd 2015. We are ENDING “GONE TOO SOON” Project.

We will be collecting names 12 people who, stepping

outside of their “COMFORT ZONE” in the State of California

that help others in need.


We will have a dinner at the end of the year and awarded them with a gift bag, a Big Heart and Helping Hands Certificate and a Medal of Big Heart and Helping Hands.


This is in place of our "GONE TOO SOON" Project. - DONE

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