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The Neel Parent Advisory Services Inc. And The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors

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Be An Angel In My Pocket Project Sponsors

Dear Potential Angel In My Pocket Project Sponsors,


The Angel In My Pocket Project started back in 2002 As of December 2011, we have sent out 1900 angel cards and medallions to; hospitalized members of the armed forces, active duty service men and women and US veterans.


Our goal is to send as many cards and Guardian Angel Medallions as we can this year.

We hope that you’ll consider being a The Angel In My Pocket Project Sponsors.


There are 3 ways you can help whether you are local or not


1.     Send us a store bought card or make a handmade Card (you can mail it to us or drop your card off a one of the drop off locations.)

Mail your cards and letters to;


The Neel Parent Advisory Group

Attn: Ms. Sharon Davis

14762 Sequoia Rd #7

Hesperia Ca. 92345



2.     Help us buy Guardian Angel Medallions via Paypal by making a donation of $1.00 or more just go to our main page and click on the PINK PIGGY BANK and make a donation.

The Angel In My Pocket Project Sponsors Guidelines


              Do not seal the envelope of letters or card.

              Only include positive messages funny joke and stories. 

              We will read each card and letter and discarded any

        negative messages or letters.

              We welcome drawing from young people.

              No political materials

              NO nude or seminude persons, pornographic or sexual


              Include your address or email address if you wish. Most

       military will write back to you!


Please take a moment to let a member of the armed forces and our US Vets know

you care and that you’re thinking of them.

Even though we do a lot of fun projects we also do projects

that are Random Acts Of Kindness and that inspires.

You can learn how this project started by clicking on the
ribbon below.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.


From The Goodwill V.I.N.T.A Ambassadors, The cast of Chavonie and Friends and The Neel Parent Advisory Group

We will be delivering Cards and Medallions to hospitalized Vets at Loma Linda Community Living Center and the hospital. ( Aaron Hunt )


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